I truly believe that choosing your photographer is an important decision. This is not just because I am a wedding photographer. So, you might want to know a little bit about why I think you should choose me. First, let me tell you this...I believe in the importance of a comfort level that is similar to a friendship. I will be with you throughout the entire day. We have to like one another. We have to mesh well. You have to know me and I have to know you. We have to be able to laugh with one another and maybe even cry. Your wedding day will be an emotional time and I want you to trust me to capture those moments. Some other notes... I work with the same photographer at each and every wedding. She is a good friend of mine and we keep one another focused on you and your day. We will be there to fix the boutonniere, pin back the loose strand of hair, carry your dress,  and just about anything else you need us to do that we are capable of doing. We are there for you. Onto the packages...

I offer four different packages and one completely customizable package. Contact me for details about the packages.

What the packages include...

  • One engagement session with gallery of high resolution images

  • Professional Photographer(s) throughout the entire wedding day

  • A customized flash drive with edited high resolution images

  • The copyright release that gives you the ability to enjoy, print, decorate and share however you would like!

Add On's:

  • After Your Wedding Day: Let's spend some more time together and snap some pictures of you after all of the excitement. Let's get some of those "Pinterest-worthy" pictures!

  • Customized Wedding Day Album: Details to be Discussed

Oh and one more thing... because I truly believe that our personalities must "mesh" well together, I offer a complimentary "get to know you" photo session. If we meet to chat and you are still unsure and would like to test it out, let's take 30 minutes of me behind the camera and you in front of it. 

Please visit my Instagram specific to weddings...