If someone were to ask me if I prefer night or day, I'd say day! Don't get me wrong... I love sleeping, but I also love photography. AND I just happen to love photographing in daylight. People call that natural light photography. So, I consider myself a natural light photographer. If you ask me, "when should we do our pictures?", I will most likely say early morning or early evening. I love sunset pictures. The warmth of those brings so much love into the photos (and makes skin look ridiculously beautiful). It makes my heart happy :) 

I offer the following types of photography and each package is different. I try my best to also customize packages based on the needs of my clients.  Please contact me for more details about each type of service.


Family Photography: I offer three different packages ranging from $100 to $300

Senior Photography: I offer three different packages ranging from $100 to $300

Maternity and Newborn Photography: I offer many package options ranging from $100 to $700


I would absolutely love to meet you or connect with you over email, so please don't hesitate to ask for the more detailed information on any package. There are lots of goodies that come with each one! 

Oh and one more thing...A quick note from me as a photographer, (and also someone who has been through the process of seeking a photographer)... I truly believe that personalities must "mesh" well together when you're working with one another. You are, after all, in front of the camera and me for at least 30 minutes (considering that's the shortest package I offer). So, if you meet someone, anyone, including me, and you don't get the "right vibe", I suggest to keep looking. I cannot explain enough to everyone I meet that it is such an important piece of the outcome of photographs you will receive. Your whole body will adjust based on who is behind that camera and the level of comfort you feel. So, feel comfortable being you. Make sure your photographer knows what you are looking for. I recommend pre-event consultations in order to discuss these things. Most importantly, let your photographer let YOU be YOU!