My Quick Announcement and then onto Brittney!

I'm so excited to take another couple of steps with my photography business! I will now be offering speciality photography sessions and options... fitness, the birthing process, rehearsals, post-wedding day, baptisms, birthdays, special occasions and moments in life and a few others. Contact me for more information!

Let me start by saying this was so fun and so new to me as a photographer and I loved it! Brittney was awesome! We laughed a lot and it was just a blast! This girl is so inspirational! I left the shoot wanting to run five miles and lift weights for a solid hour. I loved hearing about her competitions and her goals she's set for herself when it comes to fitness and nutrition! Also...a fun note about Brittney! She's an amazing cupcake artist! I say artist because she seriously makes THE BEST CUPCAKES and they're soooo adorable! Head on over to her website to check out just a few things she's about Thank you so much Brittney!